REBECCA CORRY is an actress, comedian, writer, and founder of the STAND UP FOR PITS Foundation to work against abuse and discrimination towards pit bu...View Details

CJ Starr drops by the show to take a stroll down comedy memory lane with Kristin, discuss his love of MICHIGAN SPORTS, and how he loves to recreate re...View Details

Today's Episode features comedian and content creator ALLISON GOLDBERG. Featured in LA TIMES, VICE, and on Good Morning America, Allison is a curious ...View Details

Todays topic REINCARNATION About the guest: Myles Weber is a Comedian on the rise. In addition to being on MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever Told, his D...View Details

Today's Guest, LUKE SEVEREID, is a comedian and avid recreational gamer. Luke has also been in several prestigious comedy festivals including being a ...View Details

Nick Guerra takes comedy seriously. He studies the art of comedy, the science of performing, and the psychology of audience reactions to deliver hilar...View Details

Actress, comedian, and musician JACKIE TOHN joins Kristin to talk about recovering from COVID while binging America's favorite Drag competition, "RU P...View Details

Comedian Susan Thompson has met some of the world's biggest superstars on film sets in Canada. Was she allowed on these film sets? Was she trespassing...View Details

SCOUT DURWOOD joins host Kristin Key to discuss her journey to TINY LIVING during the Pandemic of 2020. Scout Durwood is an actress, comedian, writer,...View Details

Comedian Jon Stringer has traveled the wold performing comedy in comedy clubs, colleges, and on cruise ships. He and his wife decided to start the nex...View Details

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