Kelly Mantle, seen on "Ru Pauls Drag Race", drops by the show to chit chat about their area of expertise: the gender spectrum and 90s angsty girl band...View Details

This week is all about Horror Movies! Kristin talks to Steve Smith about what it was like to be killed by Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm St 2. ...View Details

The voices of Dan Aykroyd, Barack Obama, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Eugene Levy (and more) join the show today thanks to comedian and impressionist...View Details

Kristin is joined by her BFF "Mean" Kellie to unravel the mysteries of celebrity obsession and comedian Dan Gabriel drops by to discuss his passion fo...View Details

Comedian Mary Mack (Conan, Solar Opposites, and Golan the Insatiable)joins Kristin Key for a chit chat and a "Rad Lib" about rural life in America. 

BONUS! Watch Kristin and Karen create the "Is My House Haunted" Fill in the Blank "Mad Mondays" story from Ep. 3 of Kristin Knows Blank. 

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Comedian and ghost hunter Karen Rontowski normalizes the paranormal and talks all things "woo woo" in this hilarious Halloween episode with host Krist...View Details

Singer songwriter Susan Gibson joins me for a chat, a couple songs, and a Mad Lib!

Kristin and "Mean" Kellie fill in the blanks about online learning during the pandemic with expert guests Kelly Kirkbride, a school teacher from Las V...View Details

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